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Such a familiar scene. Hong Weiguo roared with laughter. Little rascal, youre still taking money from me. Your Dalis Pan-Entertainment Civil Technology Group Corporations monthly income is 1.6 million. If you need money, go get it from Running Dog.


After they went into a room, Jiang Duxing said in a deep voice, “Qianxue, I know that you like heroes, and this super-genius can indeed be considered to only appear once in a thousand years. However, you mustn’t forget the taboo of the Galaxy Aristocrats, which is that our women absolutely cannot fall for someone outside our race. I can understand your emotions, but listen to your father—don’t be wilful and do something silly. Even if it’s for the safety of this super-genius, you definitely cannot have a relationship with this person. Do you understand?”


People who were trained in martial arts rarely revealed any flaws no matter whether it was a small gesture of raising a hand, talking, drinking, etc. One could tell from their actions that they were ready to attack anytime.


Young Master. Ling Xiaoyi knocked on Hong Dalis room door and said softly, There is an Honorary Aristocrat outside who wants to discuss some business with you.


After he said that, everyone laughed. Tang Muxin almost doubled over from laughing so hard. She said, Didnt you always say that you are a tycoon? Why are you not happy?


He had managed to pass level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials. His movements were obviously quite fast. When he thrust the sword at Gate, who was ten over meters away, the swords energy was upon Gate in the blink of an eye. A blinding white light sliced the air and slashed down. You could imagine the result of such a slash on the body.

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Ah. No need to bother about him. Tang Muxin was used to it and no longer found his ways strange. Anyway, Hong Dali may be a prodigal, but he had always had good luck. There was no way anyone could compare with him. Other people squandered and became bankrupt. However, the more Hong Dali squandered, the more he had to squander. There was simply no way to compare.


Only one chosen out of the entire Milky Way?! What kind of talent must one have in order to win?!


The Heavenly Frost Sword was only obtainable as a reward from the treasure box on level 19! This was the best reward available for level 19, and Hong Dali actually got it!


They were experimental lovers, after all. If she did not take full advantage of him now, then when?


Moving on, she quickly saw another piece of information—”According to my intuition and deduction, this mystery man’s age is definitely not more than 20 years old. Because all of those formidable people that are above 20 are practically all Honorary Aristocrats. But this time, the Galaxy Aristocrats obviously didn’t declare anything. Therefore, this person’s age should be below 20. He’s probably a male, although regardless of being male or female, their stats are all 100 inside the tower, females are naturally slightly weaker in terms of martial arts. Therefore… Third, according to news, he’s from Shenluo City. But according to his performance this time, he doesn’t belong to any group or clan, the type that is very free and unrestricted. This type of person isn’t easy to tame. This time, the Galaxy Aristocrats will probably have a headache.”


To have a bunch of sons who were so brave and strong, it was no wonder this mysterious old man did not dare to fight him.


Hong Dali was feeling depressed when the Systems voice said, Main Mission Two: Squander ten million Galaxy Dollars in six months. Mission completed. Mission Reward: Ten attribute points.



Heavenly Frost Sword, a divine-level broadsword. Its was extremely sharp, and the sword itself had a frost effect. When swinging this sword, the creatures nearby would all be frozen. Such a weapon was indeed worthy of being regarded as a divine item.



“Big Grandfather.” At this moment, Little Bai Hechou grinned and ran up to him and climbed onto his legs. He said, “Are you practicing inner energy again?”


The Galaxy Aristocrats only had a population of 200,000 plus people, all youngsters in their race were very precious. Yet, female Galaxy Aristocrats could only be impregnated when they fused with males who had the bloodline of the Galaxy Aristocrats. It was slightly better for men, it was possible for them to impregnate women from another race, but the chances were very low, less than one in a hundred.


“When will we be able to contact Master Dali?” To McGregor, Hong Dali was the savior. When he heard about the Zerg coming, the first thing he thought of was to get Hong Dali to return to Earth.

  • Whatever the case, for ordinary commoners, the appearance of such a super-genius was definitely a very good thing.
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