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Okay! Hearing the mention of Sauron Auction Center, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Ling Xiaoyi looked at each other. They were really curious about the selling price of the three attribute gems


The problem here was that the three beautiful ladies, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Jiang Qianxue were simply too gorgeous. They all had system-acknowledged maximum charm at one hundred and twenty-five points. Their attractiveness was not to be underestimated.


Jiang Qianxue had never been touched by a man before. However, at that moment, she did not really care. She waited for Hong Dali’s reply, her face anxious.


No longer infatuated, Jiang Qianxue was once again calm. She picked up a book and, as she flipped through the pages, she asked Hong Dali, Since I already know what I need to do, then our relationship as experimental lovers


“Ah? Say something?” Hong Weiguo clearly felt uneasy. He was a man, after all. He did not express his feelings freely like his wife. But his pride, Hong Dali, had returned. It was certainly worth saying something. He stood up and sat beside Hong Dali. After a long time, he finally said, “Come home often.”


“Aiya, this virtual world is really like the real world. Something got into my eye.” Hong Weiguo rubbed his eyes and took out his cigarette to offer Hong Dali one. “One?”

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Usually, when a beautiful lady said that to a man of a similar age, the atmosphere would definitely be very romantic. However, when Lin Chuyin said that to Hong Dali, that was equivalent to asking, Have you eaten? And the other party responded with: Yes.


Young Master said that I can decide. Ling Xiaoyi kept her smile polite and said slowly, Lets talk.


Hong Dali and his people strode straight through the doors of the auction hall. There was already a small device welcoming them. Beautiful young ladies from the elf clan donned in elegant dresses stood in a row, bowing at ninety degrees, and greeted in unison. Welcome to the Sauron auction! High-class, lavish, exquisiteespecially the deep cleavage, huge breasts.


I was hoping I could get some benefits, Tianyi said, dispirited. but it seems that its not that easy.


The clerk pointed to a stone tablet next to him. Just put your hand on it.


At this moment, some started to get impatient. After waiting for so long, it was just for an armor that was slightly more worth it, with a profit of about one thousand Galaxy Dollars. Many hesitated and wondered if they should continue to wait.


Of course, that was still acceptable. When they saw more than ten spacecraft representing Galaxy Aristocrats, everyone knew that this auction was not as simple as it seemed!



However, people were sure to get annoyed if they were just going to sit around and wait. Just as everyone was getting bored, a loud and arrogant laugh was heard. Hahahaha. What is happening here? Everyone is gathered here? Since Im here, all of you, scram! Dont be an eyesore!



Actually, he was already very polite. After all, his misses were resting after shopping and he, as a lackey, had to make sure they were well-protected. However, Tianyi had always felt that he was extraordinary and being arrogant had become a habit. Although he had some smarts, men, especially lustful men, tended to become too full of themselves when they had power and wealthTianyi shoved Li Yang aside and said angrily, Where has this lackey come from, are you blind? Cant you see who I am? I am an Honorary Aristocrat! An orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, dont you recognize the cloak?!


He was well aware of the ability of the White Beard Mister. Hong Dali aside, Ace was also an expert who passed level twenty-two. He was actually the White Beard Misters son as well.I better behave myself. I cannot afford to offend this family!


In an instant, he pulled a long snake-like sword out from behind him. The sword was four feet long. Then, he started to move. First, he jumped back, then he thrust the sword forward.

  • Soon, the clerk issued the certificate and Ace turned to leave after collecting it. When he had exited the Inspection Office for Honorary Aristocrats Advancement, a young man with half-opened eyes approached him and said, smiling, You are so free to actually come here for the Honorary Aristocrat Advancement. What are you thinking?
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